about michelle::

Michelle developed a passion for visual art at an early age.  This passion led Michelle to pursue a career in design. She has an extensive professional background in fine art, graphic design, motion graphics, broadcast design, live concert production, interactive/web design, videography, editing, and directing. She has a BFA in art (drawing and painting) from the University of Georgia where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She also has an MFA from the University of Georgia in Drama (Dramatic Media).

      Michelle spent the last three years completing the graduate program for Dramatic Media in the University of Georgia’s Theatre & Film Studies Department. The Dramatic Media program focuses on the use of digital media in the performing arts. While completing this program, she gained a great deal of leadership experience directing performances and leading After Effects workshops.

image of michelle      During the three years in the graduate program, Michelle worked in publicity doing much of the graphic design for the department of Theatre & Film Studies. For example, she designed the playbills for the department’s current and future Mainstage productions. She also designed many of the department’s posters, postcards, t-shirts, TV commercials, displays, and ads. During this time, Michelle gained valuable first hand experience working under tight deadlines while promoting events for the performing arts.

      Prior to attending graduate school, Michelle co-founded Integrated Visions Productions LLC, an event production company specializing in multimedia event production. With Integrated Visions, Michelle designed and ran multimedia productions for many of the world’s most popular musical acts including The Roots, Infected Mushroom, and Carl Cox.   Michelle also worked closely with event planners to help brand events for sponsors such as Jezebel Magazine, Red Bull, and Ed Hardy.

      In addition to production experience, Michelle also has a strong professional background in graphic and web design. She has worked doing freelance graphic and web design work since 2002. In addition to freelance work, she worked for a traditional printing company where she worked as a prepress designer and web designer.

      Michelle enjoys solving creative and technical problems in design.  Combining her aesthetic eye for graphic design, art and video with her knowledge of cutting edge graphics software, Michelle creates graphics for the web, video, print and beyond. Please see her portfolio and reel. Thank you for visiting!

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